DIY Red Hood: Gauntlets Made From Actual Bike Body Armor Cosplay How to

not much DIY in this project, just hack some mountain bike body armor, did some custom repaint, done!

- Gloves given to me by alibaba:
  • The protection of finger joints
  • Ventilation and breathability
  • The palm of the plastic anti-skid particles
  • Strong Velcro cuffs
- Body armor:
- Acrylic paint, silver pen:
- Others supplies:


How to Fake Foam to Look Like Leather

I've already made a gauntlet few month ago, it was meant for paintball/war games, very heavy-duty but not too comfy to wear here

Today i make version.2 using foam, this is much lighter & comfortable to wear.

- Sheepskin Gloves:
- Camping Mat
- Craft Foam Sheet
- PVA White Glue
- Primer
- Black Paint
- Black Zipper
- or Plastidip (skip pva glue, primer & black paint)
- Metallic Acrylic Paint

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How to Make Ben 10 Omnitrix using EVA Foam Floor Mat

Collaboration With Cartoon Network, they challenged me to make a real-action Ben10 Omnitrix using items i can find, so here's the Omnitrix i came up with, have fun!

- Plastic Container
EVA Foam Floor Mat
- Bicycle LED Light
- Foam Sheet (white)
- Perl Sticker (green x 4) or This (green 4 + 1)

X-Carve DIY UPGRADE Kit // Review

Time to upgrade my X-Carve - Inventables always been good to me, this time they sent me their upgrade kit! If you have a pre-2017 X-Carve or interested to buy one, maybe you can watch this to decide whether you need this upgrades or not :)


Inventables channel:
Upgrade kit:
Making toys: